Where do I start?!

Here are the recommended steps to get you up and going as quickly as possible.


  1. Enter information about your screenplay project.
  2. If you have a screenplay, then import it. Read more about acceptable screenplay formats, and an overview of the import process here. The import process will give you the oppportunity to import scenes and characters very quickly.
  3. Create any scenes or characters that were not extracted during the import process.

At this point you are ready to start creating a production schedule.


  1. Create locations (such as beach, hospital, etc.) and assign them to scenes.
  2. Create categories (such as vehicle, prop, costume, livestock, etc.)
  3. Create objects within each category (ex. hearse, ambulance, police car are all in the vehicle category.)
  4. Create character types (such as cowboys, Native Americans, astronauts, inmates, etc.) to categorize your screenplay's characters. You can then go back to your Master Character List and assign chararacter types to each character.
  5. Create contact classes (such as Production Team, Crew, Lead Actor, Supporting Actor, Extra, etc.) to categorize the people involved in your production. Most of these classes are pre-set for you.
  6. Enter your contact list of cast members, crew members, etc. and assign each one a class.
  7. Assign contacts to characters.

You're now ready to start generating detailed reports. Have fun! ©